WELCOME – I am your public (re-)writer!

Written texts have the power to bring the worth out of your company, your organization, your activity, your life trajectory… Written documents help to convey the broader range of experience and activity. I am convinced that written communication as a whole strongly adds value.

Since 2007, I have been working as a sole trader in public writring, for clients (companies, individuals, organizations) who face at some stage the challenge of communicating in written French. This is a job I undertake with passion and precision. I respect confidentiality and meet deadlines.

I write, or I re-write, for YOU. For each piece of writing or re-writing, there is a specific goal, an objective. My work is always tailor-made, whether, for example, it is for a final product for a self-published book or an unedited publication. I will always produce a clear and unique written piece for you.

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